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Homelite began building pumps in 1928. They built a reputation for quality, durability and performance which was unsurpassed. Many Homelite pumps built back in the 1950's are still at work on job sites and farms around the world.
Jerry B. Leach became a Homelite dealer in 1959, and developed a solid understanding and appreciation of these excellent pumps. He had the opportunity to acquire the Homelite pump product line in late 2002, including everything needed to build the same outstanding pumps that had been valued for decades by contractors, farmers, bargemen, utility workers and other professional users. In early 2003 his company built the first Riverside Pumps.
In 2011 Moree Industries LLC acquired the Riverside Pumps product line. Moree Industries has the capital resources needed to increase production and better meet growing demand for pumps and service parts. Today Moree Industries is working toward excellence in distribution to markets around the world, with a quality line of pumps backed by over 80 years of history.
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