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This information is provided as a courtesy to users of Homelite Pumps. Moree Industries LLC is not the author of this content, and makes no claims regarding the accuracy of the infomation contained in these manuals. The information in these manuals may have been changed in later editions. Dates listed are estimates only.

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List of Manuals by Part Number and Included Languages

Part NumberManual DescritionLanguages Included
24735 Rev 1 111DP-1 Instruction and Parts List c.1972 English
19954A 111DP2-B / HDP2-A Instruction and Parts List c 1999 English/French/Spanish
24191 111DP3-1 Instructions and Parts List c.1968 English
24191 Rev 2 111DP3-1  Instructions and Parts List, c.1970 English
18055 111DP3/ RDP3  Instructions and Parts List English
23942 111S2-1 / 111SU2-1  Instructions and Parts List, c.1970 English
18039A 111S2-1 / 111S2-1A RS2 Instructions and Parts List c.1969 English
24555 115P 2-1/2 -1  Instructions and Parts List c.1968 English
24555-1 115P 2-1/2 -1A  Instructions and Parts List c.1970 English
Bulletin 515 115P 2-1/2 -1A  Part Number Bulletin c.1976 English
24187 120S3  Instructions and Parts List c.1974 English
19958A 120S3-D  Instructions and Parts List c.2001 English/French/Spanish
24144 120TP3-1 / 117TP3-A / 45TP3-1  Instructions and Parts List c.1968 English
24144-1 120TP3-1A  Instructions and Parts List c.1970 English
24144-1A 120TP3-1A/ 120TP3-1B  Instructions and Parts List c.1974 English
24144-1B 120TP3-1A/ -1B / -1C / -2A / -2B  Instructions and Parts List c.1996 English
19959A 120TP3-D / HTP3-B  Instructions and Parts List c.1998 English/French/Spanish
19956A 121TP2 / HTP2  Instructions and Parts List c.2000 English/French/Spanish
24241 121TP2-1  Instructions and Parts List c.1975 English
24241A 121TP2-1 / 1A  Instructions and Parts List c.1977 English
24265 123TP4  Instructions and Parts List c.1972 English
24946 160TP4-1  Illustrated Parts List c.1973 English
17416 160TP4-1B  Illustrated Parts List c.1975 English
17226 160TP4-1A / -1B / -1C  llustrated Parts List c.1994 English
23105 20DP3-1  Parts List c.1966 English
B-115 20S1-1/2-1A  Sales Flyer c.1954 English
22762 20S1-1/2-1A  Parts List, c.1958 English
22177 24S3  Illustrated Parts List c.1957 English
24069 250 w/ Diaphragm Pump  Parts List c.1967 English
24406 270 Pump & Generator Series  Parts List c.1971 English
23433 35S2-1 / -1R  Parts List c.1959 English
B-279 44DP3  Flyer c.1965 English
23498 44DP3-1  Parts List c.1963 English
23743 45TP3-1 / -1A / 117TP3-1  Parts List c.1965 English
24948 56DP3-1  Parts List c.1965 English
23316 8S3-1 / -1P / -1R  Parts List c.1959 English
24145 9TP3-1A / 9S3-1A  Parts List c.1969 English
24909 9TP3-1B  Parts List c.1972 English
24003 All Pump Models  Owners Manual c.1978 English/French/Dutch/German/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese
19809 AP Models  Instructions and Parts List c.1998 English/Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Finnish
PS17043 AP Models  Instructions and Parts List c.2001 English/French/Spanish
PS04122 AP125  Operators Manual c.2000 English/French/Spanish
16070 AP125  Parts List c.1999 English/French/Dutch/German/Italian/Spanish
17826 CC150 / 200 / 205  Parts List c.1988 English
23658 DP3-1A (for Electric Motor)  Parts List c.1965 English
PS00247 FP250V  Owners Manual and Parts List c.2001 English/French/Spanish
PS16113 FP250V  Owners Manual c.1998 English/Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Finnish
18772 HC320 / HC520  Parts List c. 1994 English
18733 HST320 / HST520  Parts List c. 1994 English
19883-CB HCP420 / HCP630  Parts List c.1994 English
17647 P100 Waterbug Illustrated Parts List c.1983 English
17943 RTP3  Instructions and Parts List c.1987 English
16023 VTP4  Instructions and Parts List c.1998 English
PS00295 VTP4  Instructions and Parts List c.2000 English/French/Spanish
23828B XLS1-1/2-1 / -1A / -3 / -4  Illustrated Parts List c.1971 English
B-337 XLS1-1/2-1A Flyer c.1964 English
17401 XLS1-1/2-4 / -4A  Illustrated Parts List c.1974 English
17324 XLS2-1B  Illustrated Parts List c.1980 English
24571 XLS2-1  Illustrated Parts List c.1972 English

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