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Engine, Yanmar L48V Keyway

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Our single-cylinder, air-cooled direct injection diesel engines are EPA & CARB exhaust emission compliant and utilize a counter-balancing system for smooth, high speed operation. Multiple PTO shaft are available along with electric or recoil starting. Three power levels are offered.

Engine Type Air Cooled, 4 cycle, Vertical Cylinder
Fuel Diesel
Number of Cylinders 1
Bore x Stroke 70 mm x 57 mm
Total Displacement 219 cc
Combustion Type Direct Injection
Aspiration Natural Aspiration
Valves per Cylinder 2
Rated Speed 3600 rpm
Net Intermittent 4.7 hp [3.5kW]/3600 rpm
Net Continuous 4.2 hp [3.1kW]/3600 rpm
Direction of Rotation Counter Clockwise, Viewed from PTO Side
Crankshaft Type Straight Keyed, Tapered or Threaded
Starting System Recoil or Recoil/12V Electric
Decompression System Manual Type with Auto-return Lever
Charging System 12 Volt, 15 Amps (for Electric Start Models)
Electric Stop Device Optional, Fuel Stop Solenoid (for Electric Start Models)
Cold Start Aid Optional, Intake Air Heater (for Electric Start Models)
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.4 liters
Brake Specific Fuel Consumption at Rated Output 274 g/kW-hr
Lubrication System Pressure Lubrication with Trochoid Pump
Oil Capacity 0.80 liters [0.25 effective]
Exhaust System Expansion Silencer with Cover
Air Cleaner Dry Type with Paper Element Filter
Balancing System Singly, Counter-Rotating, Balancer Shaft
Length 13.1 in [332.5 mm]
Width 15.1 in [384.5 mm]
Height 16.5 in [417.8 mm]
Dry Weight (Recoil Start) 58.4 lbs [26.5 kg]
Dry Weight (Electric Start) 70.6 lbs [32.0 kg]
Noise Output at Continuous Output Rating, Mean of Four Direction at 1 Meter 93.5 db(A)