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DP2B - 2" 33 GPM Diaphragm Pump w/ 3.5 HP Briggs & Stratton 550 Series Engine

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Riverside Pumpsƒ?? rugged and reliable Diaphragm Pumps are known for their ability to pump heavy mud and sludge, thicker than any centrifugal pump can handle. They also have the advantage of being able to run dry without damage, so contractors often use them to control seepage. Riverside Pumpsƒ?? Premium Series Diaphragm Pumps feature simple and durable designs proven in decades of reliable service. The DP2 Premium Series Diaphragm Pumps feature dependable, rugged designs that are easy to service. A simple and durable one-piece x-profile pump rod, and a superior fiber-core synthetic rubber diaphragm are among the reasons construction professionals choose these pumps. The DP2 is compact and light making it the choice of many utility contractors for seepage control.

DP2B Specifications:

Pump Type 2-Inch Diaphragm Pump
Port 2" NPT
Max Capacity 33 GPM
Max Head 50.0 ft.
Max Pressure 21.6 psi
Length 30.0 in.
Width 19.0 in.
Height 21.0 in.
Weight 99 lbs.
Pump Impellar Neoprene Rubber Elastomer, Woven Nylon Core
Pump Volute One-Piece X-Cross Section, Twin Needle Bearings
Pump Housing Thick-Wall Sand Cast Aluminum
Pump Seals
Pump Wear Plate
Pump Accumulator Not Required
Pump Roll Cage Rugged 1" Diameter Steel, Powder-Painted
Pump Vibration Isolation Not Required


Sturdy and simple to get the job done.?ÿThe 550 Seriesƒ?› small engines offer longer life and ease of operation for outdoor power equipment.?ÿOverhead Valve (OHV) technology, an automotive-style air filter, cast iron cylinder sleeve and dual ball bearings combine to meet your needs time after time.

550 Series Specifications?ÿ

Briggs& Stratton 550 Series

Manufacturer Briggs & Stratton
Model 550 Series
Type Air -cooled, 4-stroke, OHV, single cylinder
Power 3.5 hp
Bore x Stroke 62 x 42 mm (2.44 x?ÿ1.65 in)?ÿ
Displacement 127 cm3 (7.75cu in)
Net Power Output 2.6 kW (3.5 hp) nominal?ÿ
Net Torque 7.45 Nm (5.50 lbs ft)
Ignition System Magnetron?ÿelectronic ignition
Starting System Recoil starter
Carburetor Float feed carburetor?ÿ
Air Cleaner Automotive-type paper filter?ÿ
Oil Capacity 0.59 liter (20 US oz)
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.9?ÿliter (2.0?ÿUS qt )